Established in 1962 Goldsworth offers a comprehensive design and manufacturing service for specialist engineered equipment with a bias towards the hospital, sterile services, endoscopy departments, pharmaceutical and allied industries. The company has gained a highly regarded reputation as a quality independent consultant, designer and manufacturer of equipment to suit all aspects of both hospital sterile services and endoscopy department's work. This includes equipment for handling such as conveyors and trolleys, equipment to facilitate transfer between departments whilst maintaining room integrity (ie transfer hatches and airlocks) and finally bespoke equipment to complement washing and sterilisation systems (ie height adjustable sinks, trolleys and tables).

Designed and patented by Goldsworth the 'Easyload' trolley system for Autoclave loading / unloading, offers the operator added protection by removing the potential dangers associated with processing hot, heavy loads. All our 'Easyload' equipment fully utilises chamber capacity and can be adjusted easily. Our expertise, coupled with an understanding of our customers' requirements, have been applied to a vast range of purpose made equipment from simple containers to environmentally controlled transfer chambers. There are very few projects within our field we are not confident to undertake on our customers' behalf.

In 1999 the original Goldsworth Engineering Limited was purchased by the Felcon Group of companies, who changed the trading name to Goldsworth Medical Limited and moved its operation to Newhaven on the South Coast, sharing the specialised manufacturing and design facilities with Felcon Limited, thus providing a complementary range of quality bespoke products to the medical, pharmaceutical and micro-electronics industries.

Our standard range of products and services include:

  • Transfer Hatches
  • Transfer Trolleys
  • Packing/Inspection Tables
  • Endoscopy Sinks and Transfer Hatches 
  • Autoclave Loading/Unloading Trolleys
  • Electrical Height Adjustable Sinks
  • Electrical Height Adjustable Tables
  • Electrical Trolleys
  • Automatic Loaders and Unloaders for Washers and Autoclaves 
  • Sterile Service Department Design and Consultation
  • Endoscopy Department Design and Consultation
  • After Sales Maintenance and Annual Service Contracts
  • Clean Room Equipment, Hospital Equipment 
  • Clean Room Design and Validation

All products are designed to reduce manual handling, increase accountability and generally assist in the efficiency and safety of sterile service departments.