Automatic washer loaders/unloaderAutomatic Loader/Unloader for Double Door Washer/Disinfectors

Universal design concept adaptable to suit most makes of basket loading double door 'pass-through' type washing and disinfecting machines as used in hospital Sterile Services Departments.

The base unit can either operate as a loader or unloader or in conjunction with a low cost dedicated unloader unit can provide a fully automatic loading and unloading operation.

Positive basket location and centrally mounted linear pneumatic actuators automatically transfer loaded baskets into and out from the washer with a smooth and reliable action under PLC control.

Base unit houses control system and air filters to reduce maintenance incursions and airborne contamination into the clean / sterile area. Under development: Extended version with twin basket handling capability for double door washers in SSD's with high throughput.


  • 304 Stainless Steel construction (316 optional)
  • Safe, quiet pneumatic operation
  • Positive retention of baskets on units
  • Integral drip collecting tray draining to a collecting bottle
  • Units easily removed for maintenance access to washer
  • Washer detergent and disinfectant bottles can be located within base unit cabinet for ease of replacement
  • Power requirements : 110/230Vac or 24Vdc for control system
  • Clean, Dry Compressed Air oroptional integral silent air compressor