Discard Box


Safely transport, contain and sterilize laboratory waste in this purpose-made stainless-steel container. Its design features a unique method of steam penetration exclusive to this discard container. The efficiency of the system works by directing steam down the corner ports of the box into the void created by the trivet. The steam then penetrates into the discard through the perforated holes in the trivet. The void doubles as a reservoir for any liquid which can be emptied without removing the box contents or lid by pouring via the corner ports.

The container’s tapered-sides construction provides easy removal of any plastic load, which may have become distorted through heat exposure. As an optional extra the box is available with a durable internal Teflon®-coated finish, this is to prevent difficult loads which are prone to depositing or sticking to the inside of a container after processing.

The container is designed as a self-stacking module, complete with a detachable lid and trivet it may be processed with or without the lid in position. Its size utilizes the maximum space available in the sterilizers whilst providing a comfortable, manageable unit when fully loaded.

Being watertight all leakage and spillage is safely contained. When transporting between separate laboratory and sterilization areas we can provide a purpose-made secure trolley with a capacity for 12 containers.


  • Made From: 304 Stainless Steel
  • Maximum Height: (Lid Down) 250mm
  • Unit Weight: 3.5Kgs
  • The size is designed to make maximum use of the autoclave space and loading system.