Consultancy in the early stages of Sterile Service Departments to plan the complete area incorporating handling systems and layouts that will reduce operator fatigue and enhance the special parameters of air containment that are required within these areas. Our connection with a group that has a long history of providing clean air within larger areas gives a unique insight into the problems of maintaining positive pressure within the packing room. Our specialists are available to assist you and offer advice at the planning stages.

Special Requirements

Development of bespoke equipment to suit a particular application, be it a special trolley, sink, or complete handling system to suit an existing facility. No job is too small for our attention.


Servicing or Breakdown

Our engineers have years of experience in the maintenance and repair of Goldsworth equipment, through good care some of our trolleys are still operating 15 years after delivery in tough environments. We can help you to look after your equipment with a regular service contract. To arrange a service of your equipment click here.


Health & Safety

Our policy of product development pays a great deal of attention to Health & Safety issues and we are constantly seeking ways of handling sterile loads with greater protection for the operator if you feel we can assist in any way please do not hesitate to contact us.