Electric adjustable height tableStainless Steel Electrically Operated Adjustable Height Table

This table has been specially designed in order to minimize the problems associated with Repetitive Strain Injury. Its’ four position memory enables both taller and shorter people to use the table with comfort. All that is required is simple “memory set” procedure for each individual using the table and that set position then becomes “unique”
for that particular operative.

This adjustable height table also incorporates ‘True Parallel Drive’, which insures that even if the table is obliquely loaded, the tabletop will always remain level and true during use.

Mountings for Fan/Filter modules, power points, equipment or storage racks may be fitted to the worktop as required.

Four  Legged version  now  available  with  added  loading capacity  and  even  extra  rigidity,  ideal  for  supporting  Safety Cabinets and LAF units.


  • Push Button Operation
  • 4 Programmable User Heights with 450mm height adjustment
  • 304 or 316 Stainless Steel Construction
  • Robust Sturdy Design
  • Optional Lockable Castors or Fixed Feet
  • Minimum height 745mm for table with castors 675mm for table with feet
  • Maximum height 1195mm for table with castors 1125mm for table with feet
  • 200kg Max Lift
  • 500g Max Static load in locked position