Static Height Sinks

Goldsworth manufacture static height HTM64 compliant single or multiple height adjustable sink units for manual cleaning of both instruments and scopes. Optional washing spray guns can be supplied.

Bespoke stainless steel static height sinks are designed and manufactured in our factory to suit specific applications.

We work closely with our customers to ensure that we produce quality manufactured static height sinks to exactly fit into the available space.

Static Height Sink Units Specifications

  • All Goldsworth static height sinks are fitted with thermostatically controlled HTM & WRAS approved, single leaver, pillar mounted mixer taps for connection to hot & cold water supplies.
  • Goldsworth's static height sinks are specially constructed 240-grit polished 304 stainless steel Sink Unit suitable for the cleaning of dirty instruments and scopes.  
  • Each static height sink unit is manufactured to fit the customers exacting requirements, range includes: single bowl & single drainer, double bowl & double drainer, double bowl & double drainer. 

  • The bases of the bowls are tapered towards the waste outlet, to ensure complete drainage. 

  • Each sink top has raised edges to the sides and front and a 100-mm up-stand to the rear; this is to ensure ‘containing’ liquids.

  • Each bowl is fitted with a 38-mm waste outlet positioned in a rear corner with a high-level weir overflow standpipe approx. 310mm high. 

  • All corners and up-stands are welded. 

  • The weir standpipes have clear litre measurements on them to suit the bowl volume so that the operator is able to ascertain the quantity of liquids in the bowls.

  • Below the static height sink top there is a full length storage cupboard with height adjustable shelving units.