UN3291 certified decontamination centre transfer trolleyUN3291 Decontamination Transfer Trolley

Cabinet trolley specfically designed for transporting medical equipment between decontamination centres and hospitals. The trolley meets the United Nations recommendations for packaging and transport of clinical waste by road - UN3291.

Lockable doors seal against durable gasket when closed. Two removable shelves supplied as standard giving three effective load surfaces including floor. Two swivelling castors with brakes, two fixed wheels with non-marking shock absorbing tyres. Push pull handles, A4 document frames inside and out and optional tow bar.

UN3291: Certified - lockable doors, doors sealed when closed, drip tray recess, impact resistant design.

Fenders: Low level non marking rubber.

Shelves: removable, large radius on leading edge to protect goods during loading, shelves slightly inclined to encourage contents towards the rear of shelf preventing poorly loaded items from falling out during unloading, two shelves supplied as standard, three effective load surfaces including trolley base.

Drip Tray: 30mm recess trolley base to maximise retention of infectious waste, drain hole and plug supplied as standard.

A4 document frame: inside and out.

Castors: two swivelling with brakes, two fixed, non-marking shock absorbing tyre, water resistant industrial class.

Tow bar: optional, for towing trolleys in series.

Doors: Open through 270° flush with trolley, seal against durable gasket. Gasket is mechanically fastened, stainless steel 2 point locking system operated by easy to use key

Push pull handles


  • Overall Dimensions: L 1362 x W 752 x H 1184mm
  • Internal Dimensions: L 1266 x W 660 x H 905, capable of carrying large instrument trays (610 x 610mm)
  • Nominal capacity:   750 litres
  • Product weight: 85kg
  • Maximum safe working load: 150kg
  • Materials: Anodised aluminium, stainless steel structural sub chassis, all materials selected for high impact strength, durability and hygiene
  • UN3291 Compliant: This unit meets the United Nations standards for packaging used to carry clinical waste by road.