Product Servicing

The maintenance service carried out by Goldsworth Medical is primarily a safety and preventative examination designed to maintain the reliability of autoclave loading trolleys, transfer hatches, HTM64 Compliant height adjustable sink units, washer loading trolleys and other decontamination equipment manufactured and supplied by Goldsworth Medical for use within both Sterile Service and Endoscopy Environments.

Equipment breakdowns are frustrating and disruptive to any organisation. Our experience has shown that regular servicing significantly reduces the frequency of breakdowns and can be of benefit in detecting problems before they become major, expensive repairs.

All maintenance work is carried out by qualified Goldsworth Service Engineer's and all replacement parts used are Goldsworth manufacturer guaranteed to ensure the equipment is compliant to the exacting standards set by Goldsworth Medical.

The main aim of Goldsworth's comprehensive preventive maintenance program is to reduce lost revenue due to equipment failures by:

  • evaluating all equipment thoroughly
  • designing a bespoke scheduled maintenance program to suit the clients exact requirements
  • maintaining a current database to track scheduled maintenance and identify potential problems
  • working within scheduling guidelines of client for the most convenient maintenance times

Prior to Goldsworth's Service Engineer leaving site, our clients receive a report detailing the performance of the equipment tested. The format of the report can be customised to the clients' specific requirements.

The maintenance service is flexible and can be structured to suit a client's specific requirements. The programme can range from ad hoc repair visits, planned maintenance to fully inclusive programmes.

Our engineers have years of experience in the maintenance and repair of Goldsworth equipment, with some of our trolleys still in operation over 15 years after delivery in tough working environments. We can help you to look after your equipment with a regular service contract, so please contact us immediately with your requirements:-

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