Easyload Autoclave Loading System

Easyload autoclave loading systemThe Easyload System

Designed to ease the burden of loading and unloading autoclaves, this specially designed system allows even the heaviest loads to be transferred with the minimum of effort. The system removes from the operator, the hazards normally associated with manual transfer of hot, dangerous loads.

There is no necessity for protective gloves or clothing as no direct contact is made with the load. The versatility of the system allows one or more trolleys to service a batch of autoclaves and loading stations within a production area.

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Easyload Loading Carriage Options:

SlattedSlatted Base Unit.jpg

Base Unit: The base shelf is formed by cladding the framework with formed slats, their design provides air space and drainage in each slat.

Shelves: Stainless steel framework clad with formed slats. A condensate deflector can be fitted to each shelf as an optional extra.


Perforated Base.jpg

Base Unit: Sstainless steel sheet perforated with swaged holes providing air space and rigidity {(holes on 75mm pitch). The ends and sides of the shelf are all returned upward to provide a tray configuration.

Shelves: Formed from stainless steel sheet and perforated with swaged holes, the ends and sides of the shelf are all returned upwards to provide a tray configuration.

A heavy gauge Aluminium base and shelves with holes on 200mm pitch is available as a alternative.

Mesh BasketsMesh Basket.jpg

Basket: A rigid framework constructed from R.H.S. stainless steel and clad with welded mesh panels to produce an enclosure. One side is divided along its length into two sections. The top section can be lifted and hinged down to assist with loading. The base panel is formed from a perforated stainless steel panel.

Open WireOpen Wire.jpg

Base Unit: The base shelf is constructed by inserting three welded mesh panels into the framework producing a large open area.

Shelves: A rigid stainless steel R.H.S. framework in-filled with mesh panels.

Pallet Base

Available in any method of construction and style covered in our comprehensive range of manufactured equipment.


Standard Autoclave Loading TrolleysStandard Autoclave Trolley.jpg

Base Unit: Rigid stainless steel framework with provision to fit extra shelves on 75mm vertical increments. The base unit is manufactured from stainless steel with several shelf design options including slatted aluminium members, flat stainless steel or Aluminium sheet with round perforations, broad and narrow stainless steel wire mesh.

PTFE rollers are fitted to the base units when used with standard loading trolleys, these are not required when used with the Goldsworth 'Easyload' system.

Shelves: Fabricated from stainless steel with several shelf design options including slatted members, round perforations (aluminium optional), broad and narrow wire mesh.

Each shelf is supplied with a pair of support rods for fitting into the base unit.


Instrument Tray

Manufactured from heavy gauge anodised aluminium, these trays fully utilise the maximum available chamber space when used with our autoclave furniture.

Standard Tray Dimensions:

10cuft 14cuft 21 cuft 28cuft
300x150 300x150 300x150 300x150
300x300 300x280 300x300 300x300
610x150 300x430 300x610 300x610
610x300 610x150 610x150 610x150

Special sizes can be made to customer requirements.