Stainless Steel Electric Lift Trolley

Electric height adjustable trolleyGoldsworth Medical Ltd are pleased to announce the release of a new Electric Lift Trolley for use in loading Washer Disinfectors and Autoclaves. The top of the trolley can be configured to accept any type of loading rails to make them compatible with all washing and sterilizing equipment. Due to its lightweight - compared to most lifting trolleys – the unit is very mobile thus reducing any manual handling issues. The trolley is fitted with 4 off 80mm castors with
braking on rear pair.

The trolley is ideally suited to sterile operations, as it does not use hydraulics thus preventing any unwanted oil leakages. The electric actuator has been tested to EMC standards.

To make the unit suitable for pharmaceutical applications the trolley is also available in electro-polished 316-grade stainless steel. Again the top can be configured to the customers requirements.

It is expected that the trolley can complete more than 50 operations before re-charging becomes necessary, this will obviously depend on the weight of the loads being lifted. The unit can be charged overnight, although it can be left on charge without any significant aging of the batteries. The battery pack can be removed and recharged via a wall-mounted charger plugged into a standard mains outlet.


  • Safe Working Load: 190Kgs
  • Maximum Height: 900mm
  • Minimum Height: 330mm
  • Weight: 50Kgs
  • No of lifts per charge: 50
  • Re-charge time: 12hrs


Safe Working Load 190kgs
Maximum Height 900mm
Minimum Height 330mm
Weight 50kgs
No of Lifts per charge 50
Re-charge time 12hrs